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D&D Lucky D20 Adjustable Ring

D&D Lucky D20 Adjustable Ring

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D&D Lucky D20 Adjustable Ring

When a difficult decision is at hand...let this ring bring you luck. Roll a natural 20.

The dice are in silver Japanese glass beads.

The ring comes in three materials, alloy, sterling silver, and 14K gold-filled. *silver and gold rings needs your ring size input and cannot be adjusted. *brass ring best fits size 6 to size 8.

The dice is a regular mini (10mm) Sterling silver and gold-filled rings need ring size. They are also adjustable, but not as flexible.

1. Dice color/style
2. Gold beads can be changed to other colors (ex. purple, blue etc.)
3. Ring size

You have to contact me about the dice color and ring size, or it will be randomly selected.

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