About Us

Hi, I am Joanna! I used to spend hours at the craft section of the dollar store as a kid. I always had a desire to create the most beautiful things. It was a dream come true when I finally created my own jewelry brand under which I can create things for others to enjoy.

My work brings peace to my mind. When I work on my craft, I feel that time has come to a stop and nothing else matters. I love it when light shines through the different stones. I love it when the hammer meets the metal. I love it when beads came together to form a beautiful pattern.

I am inspired by the breadth of human achievements, from ancient architecture to modern stories. Through my art, I hope to share with everyone the beauty and wonder of this world throughout time and space.

I am excited about collaborating with others. I wish to create something people with cherish forever. 

Why Ribbon and Knot? Where we started: 

Asian Inspired Jewelry - Inspiration from Ancient Palaces and Traditional Knotting

I was really into traditional Asian designs and was amazed by the Asian treasures and palaces. I wanted to find jewelry pieces that represent the ancient Asian culture with a modern twist. I couldn't find it anywhere, so naturally, I decided to make it myself! I started experimenting with ribbons and Chinese knots. Hence the name–Ribbon and Knot. 
Here are some of my initial inspirations! 


Geek Inspired Jewelry: A journey to fantasy

I love Dungeons and Dragons. It is a game of pure imagination where the players are collaborative authors of an amazing adventure. It soon became a crucial part of my life and creative outlet. 

I loved the idea of creating jewelry with a D20. I looked around for what's on the market and found that most designs involve drilling holes to the die, which left the dice unusable. I embarked on a quest to create a necklace that allows the D20 to be used during our wonderful collaborative storytelling. 

I tested with different ways to encase the D20, finally was able to craft a design that elegantly encases your D20 die without compromising its functionality.

My innovative use of magnets allows for a magical opening and closing mechanism, ensuring that your treasured D20 is always at hand for your next adventure. Each piece is meticulously handcrafted with customized charms, embodying the spirit of collaborative authorship that defines the world of tabletop gaming.

It all began with a spark of creativity shared on Reddit in August 2018, and since then, my designs have evolved and enchanted fans across the realm. Join us on this journey where craftsmanship meets ingenuity, and let your imagination soar with Ribbon and Knot's Magnetic D20 Jewelry. Because in the game of life, every roll is a chance for a new adventure.

Customizable D&D D20 Pendant Necklace

Handmade Dice

I started to experiment with resin dice making in 2019, it soon consumed my day and night. I dare to say I was a trend setter in the industry when no one else did inclusions. I was the first to put origami, dragon eyes, and skulls into dice. This obsession of perfection eventually hugely impacted my mental health. Resin casting in my small 600 square feet apartment also gave me some issues with breathing. I made a full stop on dice making in 2020 to focus on my other career goals. 

When I returned to my shop in early 2024, I did not have any intention of making dice again. One day, I finally started feeling a slight itch to make dice again. I felt that I needed to experiment one more time to say, "I cannot do it, I give up." This is how I restarted dicemaking again. Given all the new technology out there now, it is easier than before. I am learning a lot of new tricks. I hope you enjoy my dice!